Associated British Foods (LON:ABF) A Share for All Seasons?

Having been in search for a consumer defensive share for portfolio balancing for the past month or so, I was surprised that I managed to pass up Associated British Foods (LON:ABF). This hit a 52-week low earlier in the month but has since rebounded back, so I have decided to dive in. The cause of the recent dip I believe was just general market sentiment, as the trading report at the end of February indicated that it would deliver profits in line with expectations Continue reading “Associated British Foods (LON:ABF) A Share for All Seasons?”

Where are Cryptocurrency prices heading this year?

It’s fair to say that 2018 has brought mixed news for the alternative currencies market. Since the turn of the year, typical Bitcoin prices have shown much less volatility. Gargantuan daily swings seem to be a thing of the past. The bad news is that the trend for Bitcoin (and most other crpytocurrencies) has been steadily downward. Worse still, there appears to be no real news that may give support to the price and this trend could still have further to run. The days of Bitcoin featuring in the news reports seem to be over, and the public understanding of what it is doesn’t seem to have improved one jot.

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WPP Shares (LON:WPP): A Whipping Boy for 2018?

Let’s be honest, 2018 is turning out to be a fairly bad year for equities. Good news in the future appears limited, and if there is anything that markets hate, it’s uncertainty. Perhaps one of the worst performers is WPP, whose shares have declined by a huge margin in the space of a year from almost £18 to today’s level of just over £11. Not only this but the company also recently took the rather unusual step of reporting that it was investigating its own boss in public for as yet unspecified allegations of personal misconduct and/or misuse of company assets.

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The Curious Case of Game Digital (LON:GMD)

One of the more notable survivors of the High Street is Game Digital, although its existence belies a turbulent past. As recently as 2012 the company was in administration. OpCapita purchased a selection of assets from the administrators and floated it back on the markets 2 years after it left. In some aspects though, the same problems have continued to dog the company, namely stagnant demand, increased competition and rising costs. 

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My Real Life Peer to Peer Lending/Investing Returns – March 2018

March was a tough month for most people in the markets I would guess. Markets-wise we have seen a lot of volatility, with the FTSE 100 being down approximately 1,000 points from the highs we saw in January. This kind of decline is not favourable for tracker valuations, although it should be stressed that these are long-term investments and in the long run their returns are proven. The outlook for the market is mixed, but as previous dips have shown there will be opportunities to pick up really good equities at good prices. In the next month I will hopefully pick up some exposure to precious metals and emerging markets.

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My Simple Share Trading System – Following Director Purchases

One example of a hands-off system when share trading is to simply follow the signs. And you surely cannot get any better signs than directors, for they possess insider knowledge that we mere mortals cannot. And while they may be barred from disseminating this knowledge, part of it may be quite clear in their purchase intentions of stock of their own company.

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Share Trade Fail: Moss Bros and the Retail Sector

It’s never nice to wake up to a profit warning, particularly for a small-cap share. But that’s what happened to me this week with Moss Bros. Currently the market absolutely despises the retail sector and for good reason, a whole host of restaurants and clothing stores are struggling, and many of them make good news copy. Despite the projections that the economy is in good state it appears that customer confidence is on the wane.

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Ratesetter Review 2018: Lend Money and Earn Interest

If you’re looking to get into the Peer-to-Peer lending game (otherwise known as P2P), you may have heard of Ratesetter. In a nutshell, they take your money and loan it out to individuals in the form of unsecured loans. The rate of interest you’ll receive is dependent on the market rate, and the term of the loan you have chosen. One fascinating thing about the system is that the prevailing interest rates are set by supply and demand – rates have been known to be super-depressed or alternatively way too high (although anomalies are ironed out pretty quickly).

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