PZ Cussons (LON:PZC): Worth Getting into a Lather For?

It’s been rather difficult to find many defensive shares as of late. I do believe the market is rather bearish at the moment with some shares being punished heavily on bad news, and some sectors such as Retail finding things incredibly difficult. And this is reflected in the valuations of companies: on average, the Consumer Defensives sector is one of the more expensive ones on a price/earnings basis, only being outdone by Technology and Utilities. This comes as little surprise to me, as investors are either willing to pay more for something with decent prospects of growth (such as technology) or a greater certainty of earnings (such as utilities).

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Equities Portfolio Review – May 18

Overall, May was a kind month for my portfolio, although May was a volatile month. Profits have been on an unblemished run since late March, but that record came to an end at the end of May with the uncertainty over Italy’s political scene causing a sell-off in stocks over the world and that hit many of my portfolio’s shares. That said, with some much-welcome dividends, the portfolio value added 1.5% in the month – outperforming the wider FTSE benchmark.

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Share Purchase: International Airlines Group (LON:IAG)

With the forced exit of Photo Me International from the portfolio a space has opened up in the industrial category. I have had my eye on several – there are a few decent companies but many are overpriced at this stage in time. However, I feel that doesn’t apply to International Airlines Group (IAG), the parent owner of airlines British Airways, Iberia and Aer Lingus, so I have decided to add this to the portfolio as of yesterday. Continue reading “Share Purchase: International Airlines Group (LON:IAG)”

Share Trade Failure: Photo-Me International (LON:PHTM)

So, after weeks of no real movements in the portfolio, Photo-Me International drops out by virtue of dropping over 15% from its initial purchase price. To be quite truthful, I had been thinking of ditching this before as the share price was drifting down prior to a trading update (not a good sign), but on 23 May the share tanked 5% in one day leaving me with no other option. Continue reading “Share Trade Failure: Photo-Me International (LON:PHTM)”

Marks and Spencer (LON:MKS): Is there a level at which value can be had?

The news headlines this morning were dominated with Marks and Spencer’s results. Only the previous day, they announced the closure of 100 of their stores (some of which have happened already), to be followed by their results today. The timing of this was odd, considering that these two announcements could really have been made together. However, despite adverse coverage by the BBC, the anticipated bloodbath did not occur and in fact at the time of writing, the share price trades slightly up. Continue reading “Marks and Spencer (LON:MKS): Is there a level at which value can be had?”

Shares Portfolio Performance – April 2018

April 2018 was a great month for my portfolio – short of any collapses the portfolio value increased by almost 9% in one month prior to any additions. This should be held in context though, as the previous months had losses, much of which owed to the wipeout of my Carillion shareholding – a really terrible mistake that lessons will be learned from (I hope). 

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Debenhams (LON:DEB): Turnaround Share or No Way Back?

One of the most punished shares in recent times has been Debenhams, and not without good reason: a combination in being in one of the more unloved segments of the market (retail) as well as worsening results has seen the share price take a battering over the years. And things were made no better with the release of the interim results today, which showed profits falling, and debt increasing. This theme has been nothing new though, and looking at the share price action it’s pretty much followed Debenhams standing on the high street: a slow decline over the past few years:

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PLUS500 (LON:PLUS): An Investment Primed For Take-Off?

Having acquired the CFD provider Plus500 roughly two weeks ago, it has to be said this was one of the better trades I have done, admittedly more through luck than judgement. The company were originally on my shortlist when I purchased IG Group, but I also decided to jump in and purchase Plus500 as a hedge against bad news for these firms with the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) ruling on some aspects of the products, particularly leverage. 

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Ablrate P2P Lending Experiences – Updated for 2018

Having started at the end of 2014, Ablrate initially began their offering as a niche player, offering crowd-funded loans to the aviation sector. With these deals in short supply, more diverse asset classes followed such as capital equipment, business assets and also the more standard property and land. My brief review here covers only my experiences and is not designed as a particular recommendation to invest (or not).

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